If you click here, you can watch some photos of our collaboration with the live painter Sigrid Tanghe at BEM in January.

It was a very interesting and enriching experience.

As for now, Dark Fader will take a little break and Roald and Peer will follow some other projects.

Keep in touch.


concert_01-2017Dark Fader will be in included in a FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music) showcase-concert in Brussels on Saturday, January 28 2017.

We’ll be the first band/artist playing, followed by several belgian artists presenting either live electronics and acousmatic music on a loudspeaker orchestra.

The concert will take place in the Centre Culturel Jacques Franck in Saint-Gilles at 8:00 PM.

More information about the event and the venue here.


After more than one year of pure hardware and software development, Dark Fader has rehearsed again. Peer does now also have a glove. The new creative possibilities offered by the revised configurations need to be mastered a bit more, so we have cancelled our participation to #BEM16 and have rather focused on preparing the concerts taking place in 2017. A new rehearsing session is coming soon.




photo_DFGiven the few updates on this blog for more than one year, the reader (you) might wonder if Dark Fader still exists. Good question. Yes, Dark Fader still lives but during all this time most action took place behind the scenes. Each of us has worked very hard to seriously upgrade his setup. We have been busy designing, developing, testing and again designing, developing and testing, both hardware and software. All of this to improve reliability, flexibility, gesture control, sound quality, etc. It’s been a lot of work with electronics, textile, Max, gen~, Arduino, and even C programming. This is a long, long process which is not finished yet. However we hope and do whatever we can to reach a stable situation at the summer’s end.
We are very happy to re-take our rehearsals in October this year and if everything works as expected we have some fantastic new plans for the upcoming months.

So keep in touch and meanwhile enjoy our latest work of art which we think is very beautiful.









Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-11 um 16.43.50