EraserFotoWe both admire very much David Lynch’s films. ‘Eraserhead’ is without doubt one of his masterpieces.
After having chosen an extract out of the film we composed a new soundtrack for it. If you followed us lately you can see that we are working with films while organizing new live performances.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAfter a long period of individual improvements of our setups, we rehearsed again during the past week. It’s the first time we came together in Germany – also thanks to Matthias of Milchkettenmusik who provided his place and some of his equipment to us.
After having solved some technical problems we had a very inspired week and we are happy with the result of this intensive period.


novabrol_DSCN6177Dark Fader just had another rehearsal session. We took some time to prepare our november’s concert in Brussels (Loop festival, Espace Senghor). We now have a series of compositions.

In a couple of days you will have the possibility to watch our first video, thanks to the great work of Joop Pareyn of Paprikamix. Stay tuned.

Dark Fader SpeakersQuite an intensive period for Dark Fader. After having shot our video clip (more news about that soon) we are preparing our concert in november which means adding new compositions to our repertoire.

You can enjoy our newest ouput, Namibia, on the “Listen & Watch” page.