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Photo © David Rodriguez

Dark Fader just finished the composition of 9 brand-new pieces for ‘memento’.

Choreographer Tim Plegge’s new creation “Memento” takes up the idea of letting go and creating strength from fears, grief and death. Without illustrating concrete situations, he creates a choreography that shows human beings and their ability to transform out of moments of crisis. A call to become as aware of one’s mortality as of the preciousness of life. And a celebration of the moment, between “memento mori” and “memento vivere”.

Here is a short impression of what we did: ‘Inner Fight

For additional info about the production please read the previous article.

After a longer time-out of our project, we got the opportunity to compose additional pieces for the ballet production ‘Memento’.
It is a classical/contemporary dance performance by the choreographer Tim Plegge together with the ‘Hessisches Staatsballett’  and the ‘Hessisches Staatsorchester’.
‘Memento’ is shown at the ‘Staatstheater Darmstadt‘ as well as at the ‘Staatstheater Wiesbaden’. The premiere is scheduled for the 9th of April.

The music will be a combination of Max Richter’s interpretation of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ and our compositions.
Some sniplets will be available soon on this site.