The (dark, of course) winter is going on. There were a few days with snow in Belgium and now it’s raining (again ?). The bad weather is a good reason to stay inside, improve setups, create sounds and think about the next rehearsals. In between let’s take another musical pill to kill a very short piece of time.


potentiometersPeer was quite happy to rehearse because for the first time in two years the room where we work had a temperature over 18 degrees.

On day one we checked out the new features of our setups and were quite happy about the improvements. During the first two days we improvised a lot and recorded everything. Today, we bought the domain name to simplify the use of the blog. However we didn’t succeed yet to link the blog and the domain name. At least we’ve selected some extracts of the recordings which we’ll put on this blog for the pleasure of your ears during the upcoming weeks.

Still one day of rehearsal to come for this session on monday. We’ll keep you informed about the outcome.

After having taken some time to develop our project, we have just launched this blog and put our first compositions online. Enjoy the music and subscribe to follow Dark Fader’s upcoming musical adventures.