concert_Senghor_loresHere’s a picture of our concert in Brussels on november 30th. We played during more or less 50 minutes. We got some very, very encouraging feedback.

Click on the picture to see it in higher resolution.

Picture credits : Sabine De Corte.


And of course don’t forget to join us this saturday at the LoopMaxLoop festival in Brussels.

Dark Fader will play at 16:30o’clock at Espace Senghor.

novabrol_DSCN6177Dark Fader just had another rehearsal session. We took some time to prepare our november’s concert in Brussels (Loop festival, Espace Senghor). We now have a series of compositions.

In a couple of days you will have the possibility to watch our first video, thanks to the great work of Joop Pareyn of Paprikamix. Stay tuned.

Dark Fader SpeakersQuite an intensive period for Dark Fader. After having shot our video clip (more news about that soon) we are preparing our concert in november which means adding new compositions to our repertoire.

You can enjoy our newest ouput, Namibia, on the “Listen & Watch” page.

Dark Fader will be shooting a video at the CRACC in Brussels. To warm up for its forthcoming world tour concerts, the duo will use this opportunity of being in a nice place and offer a free concert on july, 12 at 9 pm.

Registration mandatory ! Please send an e-mail to us to request one or several seats (even if you might be standing actually…).

The CRACC (Centre de Ressouces Action, Captation, Communication) is a place dedicated to interactive systems. Its founder, Cécile Guigny is keen to help artists test devices and develop their interactive setups.

MovingDark Fader’s spring session has now ended, with new compositions. You may have listened to the cryptically-named No Elephant already. Now you may also enjoy the equally darkfaderesque Moving.

And do not fear to give us some feedback!